Indy Rezone

The Metropolitan Development Commission approved the proposed Consolidated Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance on June 17, 2015 with a few amendments.

The approved document is available with or without footnotes. The footnotes indicate changes and if the footnote is in red, it is a change since the Public Draft version of 2014.

Consolidated Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance WITH Footnotes

Consolidated Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance WITHOUT Footnotes

The next step in the adoption process is before the City-County Council. The proposal (2015-AO-02) is certified to the Council and will be introduced at their July 13, 2015 meeting. It will then be assigned to a committee for a hearing.

What are the changes?

The draft represents thousands of changes, however several accomplishments merithighlighting.

About the new ordinance: framework for change

Consolidating 14 seperate ordinances into one ordinance with 5 parts, the new ordinance is in a completely different structure and format. The new structure allows for the consolidation of many repetitive sections into one; accomodates mixed use districts easily; uses many more tables and graphics; and makes the ordinance much easier to use.

A key change to the ordinance is the Permitted Use Table. The table lists all of the basic “by-right” districts and a broad list of uses. “By-right” districts are the zoning districts that allow specific uses without obtaining public approval at a hearing, such as C-3 or D-5.   With the permitted uses identified, the table also indicates if there are use-specific standards that are required regardless of the district.

Once the district and use are known, the district standards and the development standards can then be applied. Take a look at the framework below. The Consolidated Zoning / Subdivision Ordinance:

  • Chapter 740. General Provisions

  • Chapter 741. Subdivision Regulations

  •  Chapter 742. Districts

  • Chapter 743. Uses & Use-Specific Standards

    • Article I – General
    • Article II – Use Table
    • Article III – Use-Specific Standards

  • Chapter 744. Development Standards

    • Article I – General
    • Article II – Lot & Building Dimensions
    • Article III – Access and Connectivity
    • Article IV – Parking, Loading, and Drive-through
    • Article V – Landscaping and Screening
    • Article VI – Street and Exterior Lighting
    • Article VII – Design Standards (Reserved)
    • Article VIII – Underground Utilities (No changes)
    • Article IX – Sign Regulations (No changes)

Development Regulations are more than just zoning.

To accomplish the needed objective, sometimes other policies, codes, guidelines, or procedures need to change or be developed. Below are documents that are currently in aworking draft stage and will be finalized in the months following ordinance adoption.

Indianapolis Selected Plant List – DRAFT

Indianapolis Prohibited Plant List – DRAFT

Personal Livestock License Draft

Recommended Practices for Traffic Calmming in Subdivisions -DRAFT


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